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agg1401 is here

Messaggio da agg1401 » dom 5 set 2021, 15:21

Hello to all of you, I'm Ayhan Gazi. My age is 28. Actually, I have an orthopedic disability, but I love myself very much. My profession is game development, and my heart is dubbing.

I love game development, but I am involuntarily interested in other professions as well. Therefore, instead of trying to carry out two professions, they say that if two professions come together, they cannot get along. Well, I agree with everyone who said that.

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Messaggio da TheFactor82 » dom 5 set 2021, 19:30

I'm very happy to welcome you on Arm, agg1401 !
I know you are working on making extreme tracks so feel free to ask if you need some help, some people here could help you!
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Re: agg1401 is here

Messaggio da agg1401 » lun 6 set 2021, 7:55

I'll try, I actually solved the uvmap thing. If I don't have time problems, I will complete my Alphabet A track and publish it.


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