3D VIEWER for ARM cars download section

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3D VIEWER for ARM cars download section

Messaggio da TheFactor82 » mar 20 mar 2018, 14:40

I start this topic to report an important "feature" that has been developed on our ARM site...
Feature that was in my projects for a long time and has finally seen the light...

I'm talking about the 3D DISPLAY of the cars available in our downloads section !!!

The image alone does not explain well the work done by LO SCASSATORE so I suggest you go wandering around in the AUTO section to see these 3D models automatically rotating on your screens (even on your mobile phones) ...

The mechanism that Scassa has set up is something that we have ONLY US ARM (for now, I do not doubt that when the voice will spread on international communities, someone will want to copy our idea...). And above all ... It's completely AUTOMATIC. What does it mean?
It means that the 3d viewer ANALYZE the file.zip of the car selected (including model, texture, parameters) and "draw" the car's 3D model.
And so this means from now on, ANY car is loaded on ARM, automatically and without the intervention of the person who loads it, it will automatically get its 3d preview.

I hope this new ARM feature can push people to upload more and more "valuable" material, as an "ugly" 3d preview is not a good advertisement for a download...
I hope this also serves to sponsor ARM in general.
And I hope you know how to pay homage to this latest creation of Lo Scassatore.

PS: the Auto section is still in the process of migration / redevelopment, so you will not find many cars available. In addition, the 3D viewer is in a very early stage of development and therefore may undergo minor changes / still have some flaws. Your comments are very important about it!
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Re: 3D VIEWER for ARM cars download section

Messaggio da RV_Pure » mer 28 mar 2018, 15:41

Fantastic job man :festa: :appl:


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