Laplocal from Re-Volt to RVGL

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Laplocal from Re-Volt to RVGL

Messaggio da Hermes » mer 28 giu 2017, 23:17

Hi everyone! :-)
In this forum there are a lot of competitive racers and one way to demonstrate them supremacy over all the others is make the best lap in timed trials. With the gradual abandonment of Re-Volt in favor of RVGL, one of the first thing that has emerged is that the *.laplocal and *.times files there are no longer compatible with RVGL, so some of them have decided to continue to use Re-Volt for timed trials in order to have the ghost car as landmark and make multiplayer races on RVGL.
But now there is an application that converts all *.laplocal and *.times files from Re-Volt format to RVGL format and its name (with a lot of fantasy! lol ) is: LapLocal Re-Volt To RVGL! This application makes a backup of RVGL "times" folder to avoid overwriting existing files and creates a new "times" folder in which the converted files will be placed.
If you wanna try this application you can find that here! :-)
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