If there were no Huki and Jigebren

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If there were no Huki and Jigebren

Messaggio da agg1401 » dom 5 set 2021, 15:06

If it weren't for the two names that deeply affected the fate of Re-Volt for you today. What would it be? I set out to write some theory and some realistic thoughts.

Main Game
The game had a re-volt 1.0 and 1.1 version. These versions of them didn't work properly with current technology and were also in trouble with the star system in the game. The errors in this system are that you could not get the star on the Ghost Town 2 track, which was given at the beginning of Toytanic 1. The main source of these errors is as if the coding person accidentally edited the code's condition specific to that part.

It wouldn't be able to get some nice add-ons that weren't in the early versions of the game. I will try to write them all. Firstly, it would not be possible to comfortably play any of the cars in the Dreamcast, Sony Playstation version. Other than that, when the race was over, there wasn't even a feature where you watched other competitors. It had an online option, but its audience would despair, and a few years from that time it wouldn't even have an audience. There would be no Last Lap text, and I wouldn't even know what tide we were in unless we looked up.

The other major thing that came to my mind would not even be the RVGL and the RV12. These are huge losses, in fact, without them, even re-volt.io, re-voltzone and revoltworld sites would not be around. As a matter of fact, even the ideas to be produced for the game would not be presented, and even if they were presented, because they would be known by very few people, there would not even be interest there in time. There wouldn't even be Re-Volt Live, one of the old forums.

There was a WolfR4 version of the game, but that version only made a few graphical additions to the game. Without this duo, people might not be able to create special content and projects for Re-Volt by taking strength from this duo.

My True Thought
If there is something more serious, it is possible to say that their companies do not take the game very seriously, this is a cruel truth that is valid even in 2021, unfortunately. Could this game-changing duo have been waiting for this much? I don't know, but there is one thing I am sure of. This game survives because of them.

While I'm too angry to even blame their company for my sin, I can't help but appreciate what they do best. Kill the valiant, but I think it is necessary to give his due. They did not close the RVGL and RV12 project. Although, that company did the donkey again and sold rvgl over GOG. That may be a subject for another time. If they had that project shut down, they would probably split the fans in half. The fans were already enraged and sharpened enough. If they had done that, they would probably have made things worse. Huki and Jigebren, good luck to you guys. If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't be able to benefit from the beautiful content and add-ons above.

That's all from me for today.

I wrote this article for my personal diary, but I shared it at the special request of the site owner.

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Re: If there were no Huki and Jigebren

Messaggio da TheFactor82 » dom 5 set 2021, 19:37

And I'm happy that you were agree with me to share it also here!
I agree with you about all what you said! H&J are great and all of us have to thank them, eternally! <3
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Re: If there were no Huki and Jigebren

Messaggio da agg1401 » lun 6 set 2021, 7:56


I wish I could share this on their forum.


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