Adeon Network Mayhem

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Adeon Network Mayhem

Messaggio da TheFactor82 » mer 23 dic 2020, 9:29

Adeon Network Mayhem

Here we are. We made it. Finally the Adeon Network Mayhem is public, available to everyone.
Now we have to talk about it, and it's not an easy thing...
First of all, I will not go into technical details as I am the least suitable person ... I will leave my place to people more qualified than me.

What is ANM? I think you all know this, but it's best to summarize.
Many years ago (about 15), in the volcanic head of Fbv-86 (one of the FIRST users of ARM) the idea was born to create a Revolt mod entirely dedicated to (my, our?) favorite car, Adeon.
The problem is that the idea, along with an unspecified number of circumstances, got out of hand to its creator.
Who started producing so much material that little by little the size of this project seemed to make it impossible to be completed.
For each car that needed some finishing, another 4 new ones were born that carried the goal of publication further and further.
For each update of Revolt (1.2, or Rvgl), problems, incompatibilities, or new possibilities and features came out that generated other ideas of material to be created.

Added to these problems, another fact. FBV-86 and I are friends on "internet". In the sense that we know each other "online". We have had the opportunity to see each other in real life, on several occasions, but we are not Holly and Benji who play football together every day. At certain times, during these 15 years, months, sometimes whole YEARS, have passed between one contact and another.

Despite this, in recent times, every time we spoke I didn't miss the opportunity to ask him "FBV, what about ANM?"

In the last couple of months I have finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I had decided that such a project could not remain hidden on FBV's PC (and a few other people). It HAD TO BE published. In whatever form it was, even "unfinished".

For this reason I rushed and spent the nights thinking of a way to make it available. Because my goal is that this ANM arrives on your PCs to be PLAYED, ADMIRED, HANDLED, and above all RE-PLAYED, again and again. Giving you a 2gb bundle to download with 700 cars, 100 tracks etc etc, gives me the idea that for many it would have been too much. I am convinced that most would have downloaded it, would have played with it for a little while, would have tried a handful of cars and then forgot about it.

Those were different times, but when the Pro-Mod came out, we used it a lot. I myself started playing pretty much just more with that instead of the original Revolt. Now, I'd like something similar to happen with ANM as well. And to do that, I thought of this strategy:

The ANM you are holding IS NOT complete. It is the backbone. It is Rvgl that we all know with its modded cars and tracks. There is no additional content.
You will therefore have the opportunity and time to enjoy this "beginning", while several DLCs are being prepared (the number is still unknown to me ... Could it be 6, 10, 20?) that we will release on a (more or less) monthly basis, to "fill" this base with all the amazing works of FBV.

An "ad hoc online TOURNAMENT" will be organized for each DLC. In the next few days I will open the topic for the first one, which will run on the ANM you now have available.

My hope is that in this way the hype that I have struggled to create, and the awareness that the ANM is not a point of arrival but of departure, will give the right LONGEVITY to this immense work.

All this was possible thanks to the support of some of you. Especially to burner94 and ciccio , who helped me (and helped FBV) to fix the pack to be able to publish it, and giving me info, and putting up with my requests. And to Marco repainter and THE B! , for the "advertising" work carried out with the presentation videos you have seen. They have all been impeccable and helpful and I can only bow to them.

And lastly, but to give it more prominence and certainly not to reduce its importance, THANKS to FBV-86 ... For creating the ANM, for all the work he did, for not disappearing after 15 years but for accepting my proposals and making them a reality.

Have a good fun!
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Re: Adeon Network Mayhem

Messaggio da FBV-86 » mer 23 dic 2020, 10:50

There is not much to add to what has already been said by TF, so I will propose some more obscure gems ...
Like a nice copy-paste taken from several readme files included, and not included with the base pack download.
Oh, and fun facts, a number of fun facts ... everyone loves fun facts, am I right or yes?

# 1 300 Series; 9a; 9z; 88b; FQ-133 and Oguaro are the only Adeon series that existed prior to the creation of the ANM.
The older models have only been restored at the modeling level, but they keep the old glorious parameters of yesteryear.

# 2 The ITG Prima was precisely the first car to be modeled entirely from FBV-86, but not remapped.
It was also the working base for the development of parameters for all ANM supercars, once it ceased
its purpose had to be eliminated, but we didn't really feel like completing the work ...

# 3 All previously created models were made by Kratos on commission from FBV-86.
Most of these models contain the letter 'K' in their wording, you want folder, chassis name, name of the car itself.

# 4 The Emera series is a mock-up of the Chevrolet Camaro, and was created spontaneously by Minibond without external promptings.
Not quite enthusiastic at first, FBV-86 later re-evaluated it, using it as a rival to the established Oguaro *.
The Emera ZL1 was the first car to be modeled & mapped entirely by FBV-86.
* Adeon Oguaro, first appeared in the PRO-MOD as a mock-up of the Ford Mustang.

# 5 Some of the cars excluded from the mod appear in cameo in the "ITG Museum" arena or in the gallery itself in the options menu.
And most of the cars excluded from the Adeon Challenge have been restored and made playable in this publication.

# 6 Many of the tracks that use plasma bullets instead of firecrackers contain sonic easter eggs. The plasma bullets
do not emit a trail like firecrackers, and given this trail is also used by lasers used to trigger easter eggs, these
are indeed more difficult to locate, also explore the vanilla tracks to find some surprises;)

# 7 Toys In The Hood 2 was the first track to be modified after the appearance of the demo, Novegro Scale Model Expo 2011.
Almost all vanilla tracks were then rudimentary modified via MIG, long before RVGL was a thing ...
Many of the original Instaces have been upgraded to Objects, now many objects that previously could not be interacted with are mobile.
The rocking chair on the GT1 needed to be upgraded, but the rocking horse does not have the code for collisions, so the idea was dropped.
In the final stages of development, Ciccio and Burner94 contributed to improve some tracks, exploiting the features of RVGL.

# 8 Warp Specs (Ex Probe-UFO) was initially supposed to have a more "alien" shape but in the end it was decided to keep the body
by Adeon with some modifications. A possible mock-up of the original FBV-86 idea was then created under the name of "Cosmic Gem"
and equipped with 'Aero' parameters based on GiGi experiments. A rival car was later created called the Fluxpinner.

# 9 Initially the ANM was supposed to be a PRO-MOD MK-II clone with different HUD graphics and only 180/200 Adeon ...
Then Kratos taught FBV-86 3d car modeling ...

# 10 Many different Adeons are based on the same platform, ITG Styles are an example.
The ANM was the first mod that prompted FBV-86 to do extensive studies on car parameterization and creation
of 'preset chassis' for each type of car. I won't go into this further, but there is a readme file for that
on purpose (as with most of these trivas) read it :-P

# 11 In the beginning, not all ANM Adeons had to have "semi 3D" wheels like those used on the first Garda.
Thanks to the development done on them, all the other cars then received the aforementioned wheels, each with a specific tread.

# 12 The Garda series was the fastest growing with the most models in a short amount of time.
If it weren't for the Garda, ANM would have had a smaller variety of vehicles ... or at least, of lower quality.
A Garda 'one of' was also used for a creativity contest in 2012/13 on the AliasRevoltMaster forum.
The most beautiful designs were then introduced as stand-alone models of the garda ST / 25 in the final version of the ANM.
Each owner of the winning designs has the right to acquire the medium in question.
The same rule also applies to vehicles from other brands, such as Oguaro and 88b.

# 13 Acquisition right is a community-managed function for buying cars, as ANM will have a system
of credits and garage similar to that of the old PRO-MODs. Cars 'tagged' with this title can be purchased at cost
zero by their respective owners. In the future, a price list of each car present in the ANM will obviously be released.
So you can start the online career mode as originally intended.

# 14 Online career mode will be 'branched' and 'adaptive' in the sense that users can decide at the table which events
publish in each week. The maximum number of events available per week will be limited to 4 for reasons of
manageability and readability. This way, users who are able to accumulate credits faster will be able to
buy better performing cars and access other events, thus creating a sort of match-making.
The ARM forum has an internal function to keep track of credits and cars acquired.

# 15 According to an estimate by FBV-86, with the full version of the ANM it will be possible to organize about 150 different online events.
The event banners present in his personal gallery can be used by forum users to create their own
personalized racing calendar. The structure of the competition calendar is divided into 3 Weekly Races 1 Special Event
Weekly and 1 Themed Mission, playable only once a month. Special events are structured to have a setting
less aggressive and allow even slower runners to farm credits at a decent pace. They can understand
Free Roaming sessions and Playset events such as Toshinden Battle, Toshinden Strongholds, Battle Tags, Air Bowling and Cop N'Robbers.
If something is not clear, don't worry, there are readme dedicated to each feature that will be published with the ANM updates.

# 16 Thanks to the 'adaptive' calendar, the online career has no real end, anyone can decide when to join and
to run. As in the PRO-MOD, each player starts with a handful of change, which can be spent in several ways: by purchasing a starter car base or more special starters (details will be published on the price list) but not only! They will also be able to spend credits to buy activities in the free-roaming sessions (as well as pleasantly touring with friends and doing acrobatics in joy) and seats car. These MMORG elements can obviously be omitted if players decide to simplify their career
focusing on just buying cars. The extensive rules can be viewed on the dedicated redame file. The activities allow the owner to collect a credit bonus for each free roaming session played (based on performance of those purchased) while garages (houses) allow you to buy more cars. Taking into account these advanced rules, each player can purchase a maximum of 5 cars on day one of his career. But that could change with the advent of new ones free roaming maps, and therefore more homes \ businesses that can be purchased. The prices will be published in both a readme file and a digital manual.

# 17 The 'adaptive' calendar will also be the big news, but the tracks and cars remain the bread and butter of the career ...
The latter are in fact so varied and so many, that Re-Volt's basic ranking system is not enough to manage them.
For this the carboxes have been re-designed to provide extra information about each car including macro-group of
membership, recommended controllers, and even a performance index. This index is also shown on each screen
track selection, so you know which cars are best suited for a particular circuit. This feature extends to
all the modified vanilla tracks and the custom ones created ad hoc for ANM. Performance indicators were calculated
by hand on a special track, but it is not advisable to base your choices only on them, try all the cars
personally it is always the best choice before purchasing.

# 18 So there are not only cars 'to race' there are also vehicles created for specific scenarios that often do not involve racing.
Like the Scalers, specially designed for free roam maps, very slow, but able to climb almost anywhere.
Drafter-type cars, equipped with an unlimited theoretical maximum speed, Monster Trucks for Freestyle events, Aircraft for Themed
Missions, Motorcycles, Transport Trucks and many more ...
Counting the discarded vehicles and various experiments, the ANM would probably touch 800 cars or so, in reality there are only 757.
For now, the top speed record for a flatland drafter without turbo is 103 km \ h. Obtained on LS Route X.

# 19 Many cars also mean many circuits and scenarios, the full version of the ANM includes 71 environments.
As they are released, they will not only increase the longevity of career mode, but will expand
also the purchasing power of the players since let's face it ... Ruddles County is not the only free roaming map
that I have developed over time. At least 3 more settings are coming, each one with a specific theme
and packed with garages and purchasable properties, as well as potential Cops N'Robbers and Themed Missions match scenarios.
Runners will be able to vote which circuits to include in a specific race calendar, the selection screens
of the new tracks will also have additional info that will help them in creating appropriate events for the park
car in their possession. I encourage runners to become creators too.
Surprise me ;-)

# 31 This list actually consisted of 31 trivial facts about the ANM I tweaked it in an hour and a half the day before
ANM publication adding stuff really useful to understand my vision of this community tool.

# 31.a Read the readme when they are published.
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Re: Adeon Network Mayhem

Messaggio da TheFactor82 » gio 8 apr 2021, 22:44

It's ready!
Adeon Network Mayhem - DLC01
ANM DLC01 - Starter Pack
Add it to your copy of ANM!
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