ks Gran Corsa su Lego 1.0

Length: 646 m
The track was created by Luck Nos for the 'Trackmakers Challenges' (https://forum.re-volt.io/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1366) tournament.
The result of this work is a Lego track, on a table and inside in a Lego room.
Have fun on a track made of the world-famous Lego bricks!!!
Face jumps, descents and bricks in the middle of the track completing many laps faster and faster: the experience and the number of laps you will do will increase the skill and the fun of racing in this extraordinary track!!!!
See you at the finish line!!!
If you want to take some models from this track,
please add the name Luck Nos in the acknowledgements or in a file where you indicate the origin of that model.

Thanks to THE B! for adding the nodes, backtracks, directions, and so on.
Thanks to Marco Repainter for the bmp and skybox.

Have fun!!!

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