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Setup VPN connection with SoftEther (ScassaVPN 2.0)
Setup VPN connection with SoftEther (ScassaVPN 2.0) Inviato il  Mer 17 Ago, 2016 18:38 Da Hermes
Hi All!

In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to configure a VPN connection with SoftEther (client side) to connect to ScassaVPN 2.0.

First of all contact me privately on our forum to receive the network configuration file and credentials in order to access it, then download the client that you will find at this link, filling in the fields as in the image:

Click on the first link that we found which refers to a RTM version (not BETA) that appears below "Download Files", currently "SoftEther VPN Client (Ver 4.20, Build 9608, rtm)", and download the software.

NOTE: If SoftEther notifies you the availability of a new version, you should install it if it's NOT a BETA version.

Now you can install the software always clicking “Next” e without changing any settings except, if you want, the directory. Once this is done, click on the file that you have been given together with credentials e click on “Yes” when you see this dialog box:


At this point the situation is the following:

Now you can delete the configuration file.

Create a shortcut on the desktop of your account in this way: select the network configuration you just created, click “Connect” on the top menu bar and click on “Create VPN Connection Shortcut…”, choose your desktop and confirm all.

Now download TeamSpeak 3 client from this link e choose the more appropriate version depending on your Operating System is 32-bit or 64-bit. This software represents the chat of the ScassaVPN 2.0. In addition to the written messaging, it is also present that vowel and a built-in file transfer system. Then proceed with program installation. IMPORTANT: at some point you will be asked to install Overwolf:


Leave the box circled in red unchecked as in the image and continue with the installation. When finished, start the program. At the first start you will see a wizard:
- enter your username that you have in the ARM forum and continue,
- leave the selection on Voice Activation Detection,
- speak normally and at the same time adjust the slider so that it is 4-5 notches before the peaks of the indicator bar:


- if you want, you can assign a keys combination to mute microphone and speakers,
- choose a voice (male or female), setting that, if you want, can be removed later,
- remove all checkmarks and finish the wizard.

Now you should log on to the TeamSpeak 3 server. To do this, you go on "Connections" > "Connect" and fill in the fields as follows:


Of course you should specify your nickname instead of mine. As regard the password contact me privately on our forum. Once connected you can save the credentials: to do this go to "Bookmarks"> "Add to bookmarks" and click "OK". On subsequent starts simply go to "Bookmarks" and click on the name you gave at the saved credentials. The server is always on, so you can connect with that without any problems. Now close TeamSpeak 3 client.

To make it all work, just click on the ScassaVPN 2.0 and TeamSpeak 3 client shortcuts.

That's all!


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