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Nuove collisioni tw1, tith2 e rt
Questo è un piccolo pack in cui sono presenti tre files .ncp, il primo file, ovvero "nhood2.ncp" deve essere messo nella cartella "nhood2", toylite.ncp deve essere messo nella cartella "toylite" e "roof.ncp" in "roof"
Inviato da : Gigi
Autore: Gigi
Data: Dom 14 Gen, 2018 01:02
Ultimo aggiornamento: Nessuno
Ultimo Download: Lun 13 Nov, 2023 10:51
Dimensione file: 465.64 KB
Scaricato: 277
Note: Scompattare dentro alle cartelle levels\

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Autore Commenti
What effect does it have in the game? Because I do not see too much ...

These are new collisions file made by me. The first one, toylite, solves the bug of toy world 1 (before the final jump, if you stay too much closer to the wall, you will overturn without reason). The second one solves the bug of toys in the hood 2 (the final bridge, if you go on its end, your car will stop suddenly). And on rooftops, when you jump (I'm talking about the climb after the iron ladder, your car makes a weird jump in vertical).


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