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Last update: 05.01.2018

Alias Re-Volt Master Forum was born with the main goal to host interesting discussions about the great game of Re-Volt, but that’s not all. For this reason it is important to fix some rules in order to avoid unpleasant episodes that could harm our faithful visitors.

The rules shown below can undergo variations and updates that will be reported with both the change of “Last update” date and a repost that will bring the changes to the community’s attention.
The Forum is the starting point to use ARM website [link]. Discussions about our website can be found here[ITALIAN ONLY: link]. However, consider that Arm is in a transition period, as stated here [link].
There could be quite important changes, which will be reflected in the regulation.

The use of the Forum is limited to registered users only.
This means that anyone can visit and read the whole ARM Forum, but those willing to take part in any discussion, or answer a poll, will have to sign up.
If you are willing to register, please pay special attention to point 6 of this regulation (don’t skip the other points anyway!)

We ask all users to respect these written rules, together with non-written ones, coming from common sense and good manners. As in every Internet Forum, netiquette rules apply.
The following points are meant to be followed as suggestions and only in few cases as obligations/prohibitions:
- When you sign up to the Forum, read some of the previously posted messages to see what questions are frequently asked and what questions are considered inappropriate or out of place. In other words, try doing some “lurking” until you feel confident about the community, then start posting.
Besides lurking, you can take advantage of the search bar in our Forum (Search - Cerca), so that you can look up for specific messages or threads related to what you are willing to talk about.
With ARM 3.0 Forum, Google automatic translation tool has been introduced. You can find it right next to the search bar.
- Always check the “Technical problems” [ONLY ITALIAN: link] section before opening a new thread. Old-timer users might get upset seeing the same few questions asked by every newcomer. Also make sure to check pinned threads in every Forum section, as they usually contain important information for that specific section (e.g. Multiplayer).
- Avoid writing your posts in uppercase, since it is equal to shouting. Always try to respect Forums’ writing standards, not changing colour, size or font just to make your post more noticeable to other users.
- Avoid writing abbreviations (especially in English! Some Italian users might not be familiar at all with Internet English-based slang). This helps both Italian and foreign users in understanding each other to keep up with the conversation, and avoids bugs in automatic translation as well.
- Avoid any type of bad language. It is important to behave well and give a good example to all visitors, especially young ones. If you can’t avoid using curse words, that we acknowledge sometimes are more efficient that a thousand words, make the sensible effort to censor them with ****. Mods and Admin have, at any time, the right to censor your messages. Repeated episodes of non-censored bad language will be punished. This applies to written messages as well as to other content posted (e.g. images, videos).
- Questions and comments in your posts should always be relevant to the main subject of the topic you are posting in. Avoid off-topic as much as you can.
- When quoting another user’s message, cancel every part that is not directly related to your answer. Take your time to edit any quote to the bare minimum that gives context to your answer. No-one likes to read a whole message quoted several times just to find out that the answer was “Yes, I agree”.
- To respect Privacy, it is FORBIDDEN to publicly post personal information (telephone numbers, addresses, contacts) or any sensitive information about any people or organization, be it a Forum member or not, without explicit consent.
- The violation of the Copyright laws, or the publication of obscene, violent or otherwise inappropriate material (even by means of links) may result in violations of local, national or international laws and be subject to legal action by the bodies responsible for law compliance. It is FORBIDDEN to insert any kind of links to pornographic material; those publishing material regarding pedophilia will be permanently banned from the Forum and reported to the competent authorities.
In case of violation of the aforementioned points, First Level measures (reprehension) will be taken: depending on the repetitiveness and gravity of the violation, reprehensions will be made publicly and/or privately via PM/email. A reprehension counter will count up violations for each user.
Users saying blasphemies, threatening, offending, slandering or insulting other users or third parties will be forcibly removed.

With the passing of years our Forum has seen a significant growth that made it known to the international Re-Volt community. It is not rare that foreign users visit our Forum and post some messages in English. To make the Forum more readable for everyone, we ask ITALIAN users to write their posts in ITALIAN, avoiding abbreviations. Those who don’t respect this rule will be verbally reprehended or, in case of repetitiveness, they might suffer more severe punishments.
We have created the specific section "International Section" [link] where the only accepted language is ENGLISH, both for foreign and Italian users. In any other section conversation must be held in Italian, in order to allow foreign users to take advantage of Google automatic translation tool. In this regard, “double-language” posts are not allowed.
Please, use the International Section as homeplace to open topics in english, if you find something interesting in other italian topics.

Admin and Mods will work to tone down discussions that lead to “flame” and provocations. Users responsible for bad behavior will be verbally reprehended via PM/email. In case of repetitiveness, Second Level measures will be taken (see end of point 2).

Discussions explicitly related to piracy, requests for activation codes and illegal software downloads will be immediately deleted/edited/censored. Information requests are accepted as long as they don’t fall into illegality.

Spam, meant as posting out of place messages, non-relevant content, messages without text and similar, is NOT ALLOWED. Flooding, meant as the attempt to clog discussions and sections up by repeatedly posting (even through software programs) identical messages or topics with the specific intent to annoy, is NOT ALLOWED. Crossposting, meant as submitting the same identical topic or message in multiple areas, is NOT ALLOWED.
Upping, meant as posting an “UP” message to bring back to life an old discussion, is strictly FORBIDDEN. Please avoid multiposting, that is posting 2 or more consecutive messages in the same thread. In some special cases this will be allowed , but Admin and Mods have, at any time, the right to reprehend those who make multiple posts inappropriately. To avoid multiposting, use the Edit button below your message or, if your post is the most recent in that thread, copy your text, delete the old message and make a new post with the modified text. Repeated violation of this rule may lead to severe measures.
Any user that signs up to the Forum with the only aim to bring havoc, flame, insults, swearing or so, will be immediately banned by the Admin without any notice, and his posts will be removed with him. This action is extremely fast and does not leave trace of the passage of such users, so we invite all members to AVOID contact with these users: no reply, no quarrel about spam, no mentions in other threads. IGNORE their spam and send a PM to the Admin which will soon kick the guilty users. We say this because deleting an account and its messages is a few seconds operation, but cleaning a thread up when other users have replied to the spammer/troll is way more time-consuming. So remember that whoever replies to this kind of posts, falling himself in flame, will in turn be punished.

Using multiple accounts (even outside ban periods) will lead to the shutdown of the fake account(s). Repeated creation of secondary accounts will lead to the shutdown of the main account, whose duration will be decided by the Admin.
Secondary account that are actively used for the management of the Forum of for related activities can be approved by the Admin.

Reprehensions can be made by Mods (who will notice the Admin) or by the Admin himself. Depending on the repetitiveness and the gravity of the violation, the Admin will decide the Second Level measure to take as punishment. That can be a Ban (the user will be blocked from the Forum for a given time span), a Prohibition (the user will be permanently blocked from a specific Forum area) or, in the most severe cases, a Forced removal (shutdown of user’s account).
When a user receives a Reprehension, this will be registered on his profile. The Reprehension, however, is NOT a punishment, but simply a warning to the user that what he is doing is not complying with the Forum rules. There is not a fixed number of Reprehensions that must be given to a user before more severe measures are taken, since this strongly depends on the behavior of the warned user after the Reprehension.
While Reprehensions can be made both publicly and privately, 2nd level measures will be publicly announced on the thread “The Circle of Ban” [link], where the Admin will give explanation for the punishment given.

The maximum size allowed for your Avatar is 120x120 pixels and the file must be smaller than 20 KB. Through the control panel you will be able to upload your image without needing other image services like Imageshack or similar (they still work anyway).
The current Forum version allows user to upload files within posts or private messages. Such attachments cannot be bigger than 512 KB.
Attachments should be used wisely. Available space on our domain is limited so it is very easy to fill it up if you abuse of this service. We then ask you not to attach any files unless it is strictly necessary.
For this reason we strongly recommend you to avoid attaching your custom cars/tracks with the only aim to “advertise” them. In that case, use other image services like Imageshack or upload them on our Website (your account has to be enabled to the website).
A common use of attachments is for publishing results for online tournaments held on ARM.
Mods and Admin have, at any time, the right to delete messages that contain pointless or harmful attachments.
The Forum allows users to upload images and/or videos within their posts. Images can be uploaded both as thumbnails and in real size. It is also possible to attach images directly (using domain space; see point 3.2) or via third party services like Postimage.
The Forum will automatically resize images bigger than 1024 pixels in width to 800 pixels, and will link the original image to the resized one.
To avoid image/video overloads and/or the creation of unpleasantly long posts, maximum 5 images/videos are allowed for any post.
Mods and Admin will eventually warn the user if he is exceeding this limit, but they still have, at any time, the right to IMMEDIATELY delete images/videos that break these rules.
The Forum lets every registered user to create his own personal signature. There are, however, a few limitations:
- Written text can have the maximum length of 550 characters;
- Attached images, 3 maximum, cannot be higher than 250 pixels each. Users that upload unpleasant or annoying images will be invited to remove them. Again, Mods and Admin have, at any time, the right to IMMEDIATELY delete images/videos that break these rules.
This point refers to our plates/medals system for online tournaments/championships.
We have created a plate management service. Any user that, taking part in tournaments, has won at least one plate/medal, has the right to attach in his signature a slide containing his plate(s)/medal(s). Users do not have to worry about any configuration except for the first attachment, through which they will be guided by a Mod or Admin.
If you wish to create plates for a tournament, they MUST be 320x110 pixels in size. Medals should have the standard size of 58x105 pixels. We kindly ask you to stick to these measures, otherwise plates and medals will be resized, adapted and will not be displayed correctly.

Concerning Re-Volt, it is FORBIDDEN to ask for cracks, keygens or anything else related to piracy. You are still allowed to ask for and distribute external download links for the full game, as long as they are non-profit. ARM itself provides a clean game copy in the Downloads section of the Website. This is due to the fact that the developer houses that have owned Re-Volt have been showing few interest in it. The Admin will nevertheless delete any link to the full game download, in case that any house claimed its copyrights and declared the distribution of Re-Volt outside of its domains illegal.
When talking about game-related features or problems, it is essential to give your topic a relevant title. This will make the Forum more readable to other users with a similar problem, and they will be in turn more likely to join the discussion. This rule especially applies to the Technical Problems [link] section. Mods and Admin will eventually move out of place topics or rename their title if considered irrelevant.


ARM Forum users are dividend into 4 main groups:
This is the administration group, however this is made up of only one person, TheFactor82. He has full powers on the Forum and he is the one to call if you have any question or problem.
Global Moderators
This is the Forum moderation group. As years have passed, many Mods have held this office, sometimes generating petty arguments. Mods are nominated exclusively by the Admin. Mods are nominated based on presence, activity and behavior on the Forum above all.
Mods have a few more powers than registered users, such as editing/deleting posts and other corrective actions.
During the long period of switch from the old site and forum to ARM 3.0, users willing to actively take part in this project will be added in this group. These users will receive specific powers and privileges depending on the role they will cover in the site migration. Speaking of behavior, belonging to this group does not give users any right to any special treatment compared to normal registered users.
Registered Users
Any standard user on ARM

This point is about the Introductions [link] section.
Users that sign up to ARM will have their account activated only after receiving from the system the confirmation mail containing the activation code and link. Admin confirmation is not required. This makes registration easier to new members so that they do not have to wait too much for confirmation. It is then obvious that you have to give a valid email address to register.
Moreover, when signing up, you will be asked to give your generality in order to create the account, consisting of a username and a password.The Admin has the right to reject usernames containing swearing, racism or in general not in line with this regulation. In the same way, accounts considered to be fake will be rejected.
The rule is that any new member is expected to write AT LEAST ONE POST within the 4 days following their account activation. This post should always be relevant to the given topic, if you are not opening a new thread. Posts consisting only of “Hello” or smiles will not be given much attention… For the shyest of you, the Introductions section has been created specifically to let you break the ice.
When the 4 days term expires, the Admin will check the user’s message(s) and reserves the right to delete or confirm the registration, notifying the new member with an email that will be sent within 3 days after the term expiration.

ARM Forum regulation is open to discussion for improvement. You are invited to freely express your opinions below. They will be discussed and eventually integrated in the regulation.

Translated by Etneus95
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